How to Get Out of the Rat Race and Start Living

how to get out of the rat race

I just read a statistic that said more and more Americans are quitting their jobs voluntarily. In fact, the study done by the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that the number rose to 3.1 million voluntary quits, which is the highest number since December 2006.What this means is more of us are leaving our current […]

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5 Odd, Yet Fascinating Ways to Earn Extra Money


The time has come. You have gone through your bank money, your wallet, your piggy bank, your dirty laundry pockets, and your neighbor’s dirty laundry pockets.Even after compromising your dignity, you still have no money. Bills are due this week and you are panicking.Considering you went as far as to check your neighbor’s stinky jeans, […]

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10 Reasons You Can’t Save Money

can't save money

Ever have those periods of time where you feel like your finances are getting out of control? I’m not even talking about being in loads of debt, either. I’m talking about those weeks or months where you spend way more than you intended. You whip out the credit card for every little purchase, thinking you’ll rack […]

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Cheap Weekend Getaways For Couples – Save Big Money!

cheap weekend getaways for couples

A romantic weekend getaway, planned in advance, offers fun and excitement for couples of all ages. Filled with action, adventure, and entertainment, a short excursion is often what it takes to get someone to fully relax and leave their troubles behind.Work and family obligations as well as day-to-day stressors make it hard for people to […]

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How to Write a Retirement Letter (And Win!)

how to write a retirement letter

Today I’m featuring a guest post from Steve, who blogs over at ThinkSaveRetire.com. Steve knows a thing or two about early retirement, as you can see by his skyrocketing net worth, which he shows on his site.He also wrote a fantastic, sarcastic retirement letter on his blog a while back. So naturally, I asked him […]

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How to Save Money For a House

how to save money for a house

Let’s face it, saving your hard-earned money to buy a house is not sexy, or even that easy. This is especially true in this keeping up with the Wantlings culture we live in nowadays.Societal pressures tell us we need to buy the latest iPhone, 3D TV, or other technological marvel. And we need to buy it before […]

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