How to Sell Gift Cards for Cash

It’s just after the holidays, which means that you probably received a lot of gift cards. I’m sure some of these cards are awesome and you can’t wait to go shopping with them. But others may not be so great and you might wish you got cash instead (Jelly of the Month Club, anyone?) Photo […]

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What is Financial Denial, Really?

Do you ever wonder why your bank account has less money in it than you wish it had? Do you ever question why you can’t afford certain things? Do you read personal finance blogs, magazines, and books to find ways to spend less money? If so, and if you’re still broke, there’s a chance you’re in financial denial. […]

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5 Ways That Money Buys Happiness (Sort Of)

It’s a question that’s been around forever – is it true that money buys happiness? The short answer is no. But there’s more to it. The link to increases in pay and increases in happiness is not correlated. Yet we are always striving to increase our income. Why? If you’re putting that money into savings that’s one […]

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The Power of Not Budgeting

I suck at budgeting. I’ve recently realized it’s a complete waste of time. I’m sure you have felt with way at times before, too. Deciding how much to spend on groceries, personal care, and entertainment each month. If you’re like me, you’ve downloaded hundreds of budget templates online. You’ve even tried out many budgeting tools. Well […]

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How Making A Prosperity Picture Will Get You Closer To Financial Independence, Faster

Are you working at a job you don’t like because you’re not financially independent? You’re not alone. The United States is the most overworked developed nation in the world. Also, working Americans expect to retire at 66. This is an increase of 3 years from 2002. This leaves us all wondering how we’re ever going to reach financial independence early. […]

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