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How to Identify the Fake Rich From the Real Rich

According to, rich is defined as “having wealth or great possessions; abundantly supplied with resources, means, or funds; wealthy”. That same definition also pops up as the first hit in Google when you search for “rich”. So the first result in Google comes from and the first sentence …
Frugal Living

How to Make Money On Twitch [Updated 2017]

When it comes to making money, having many streams of income is smart. Getting paid from different sources offers the greatest return on time invested. Think about if for just a moment. When you automate your income, you don’t have to do much to keep revenue coming in. Systems are …
Frugal Living

How to Get Out of the Rat Race and Start Living

I just read a statistic that said more and more Americans are quitting their jobs voluntarily. In fact, the study done by the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that the number rose to 3.1 million voluntary quits, which is the highest number since December 2006.What this means is more of …
Frugal Living

10 Financial Mistakes Most of Us Have Made in Our Lives

We’ve all made dumb financial decisions. Even the most successful people have made their fair share of stupid mistakes. Money, in all its glory, causes us to lose all common sense. If you’ve found yourself in a crap heap due to some sketchy financial choices, you’re not alone. If you want …
Frugal Living

5 Ways Millennials Can Teach You to Save Money

What's up y'all!!? Today we're gonna talk about millennials. Your first thought probably isn't, “what the hell is a millennial?”We talk about them all the time. Millennials are those who "reached adulthood" at the turn of the century.Why did I put that in quotes you ask? Well, as a millennial …
Frugal Living

5 Odd, Yet Fascinating Ways to Earn Extra Money

The time has come. You have gone through your bank money, your wallet, your piggy bank, your dirty laundry pockets, and your neighbor's dirty laundry pockets.Even after compromising your dignity, you still have no money. Bills are due this week and you are panicking.Considering you went as far as to …
Frugal Living

10 Reasons You Can’t Save Money

Ever have those periods of time where you feel like your finances are getting out of control? I'm not even talking about being in loads of debt, either. I'm talking about those weeks or months where you spend way more than you intended. You whip out the credit card for every …
Frugal Living

What Causes Happiness? Here’s How to Become Truly Happy

How happy are you? Author Matthieu Ricard says that momentary happiness is something us 'Westerners' get used to.We think happiness comes in a single moment. Maybe it's meeting with an old friend or a successful project getting completed at work.It's not, though.Happiness is long-term. It's a mind-set that we need …

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