5 Odd, Yet Fascinating Ways to Earn Extra Money


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The time has come. You have gone through your bank money, your wallet, your piggy bank, your dirty laundry pockets, and your neighbor’s dirty laundry pockets.

Even after compromising your dignity, you still have no money. Bills are due this week and you are panicking.

Considering you went as far as to check your neighbor’s stinky jeans, you are feeling a little desperate. One might say you are even up for an odd job to get your hands on some cash.

You’re in luck, ironically for you. I’ve put together a list of odd, yet fascinating ways you can make money.

Some might seem ridiculous or even unsavory, but they’re all totally legit ways to earn that extra cash. After all, who’s to judge?


This one is useful for those crybabies out there. That’s right, originally more popular in African regions, spilling tears as a professional mourner has been an industry on the rise in western culture after a man named Ian Robertson founded a business called Rent-a-Mourner.

As sad as it is, there are many people with nobody to mourn their death dying every day. Luckily, you can help them out by crying at their funerals, giving the impression they will be dearly missed.

This kind of makes you wonder if the mean old boss you used to have really had all those “friends” you saw at his funeral…

Sell Your Virginity

No, not like THAT! Ever wonder how those expensive hair extensions got to your favorite beauty store?

Yep, someone sold their hair. Their virgin hair.

What this means is beauty companies will pay handsomely (get it?) for hair that has never been exposed to harsh chemicals or color change.

Human hair can be used for extensions, wigs, and other rather odd things like sculptures. This website even allows you to estimate the value of your hair and place an ad online for it!

Additionally, virgin plasma (with no traces of alcohol, drugs, or tobacco) can also be sold for about $10-$20.

Places like blood banks or hospitals will have the option of selling your plasma when you donate blood. It gives a whole new meaning to selling your body doesn’t it?

Spend Other People’s Money

Too much money and too little time to spend it? Ridiculous!

Yet, it is also common and a great opportunity for you. Often, people like big company managers or important position holders are too busy to spend the big wad of money they make daily.

How does this benefit you? You can spend their money for them!

After hiring you, your client will give you a list of things they need in a certain amount of time and a budget for you to spend. They might pay cash or give you their credit card, but either way it’s their money being spent.

Depending on the client, you might get paid a fixed amount, or a percentage by the hour. If you’re serious about it, check out EstateJobs or SimplyHired and search “personal assistant”.

Snap a Shot

Advertising is a fickle industry. Stock photos can get boring.

“Is that the same image on all the picture frames?” Uh oh.

So businesses often buy pictures from the public to spice things up. You can be one of those to get your captured moments out there.

No need to be a photography wizard or have a photographer license. All you really need for this is a camera and some cool snapshots with good resolutions.

Vacation on the beach? Sold! The sunset looks cool? Sold!

Websites like Fotolia and 123rf allows you to set up an account and receive a portion of money every time someone buys one of your photos.

Wear a T-shirt

This one is so simple it is almost absurd. Unless you are a nudist, you could literally be making money just by getting dressed.

As mentioned above, advertising is a tricky and expensive factor for any successful business. A lot of companies are into finding unorthodox ways to put their business out there.

Where do you come in? You can get paid to wear t-shirts or merchandise of the aforementioned companies and going to a crowded place.

Some may require you to talk about the company as well. As for proof, simply take a picture or video.

Currently, Teespay is one of the only companies out there that will pay you to wear shirts (and there’s a waiting list).

This list of unorthodox ways to make money are only the tip of the iceberg. Whether you take advantage of these opportunities or not, at least one undeniable benefit has been gained…

You now know that there are some really odd and easy ways to make money out there, and that as long as the green paper is what controls humanity (which it is), there is someone out there willing to pay you for basically anything.

What kind of weird jobs have you taken for some extra cash? Please share below!​

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  1. That are indeed some out-of-the box ideas to make money. My current ways that I try are really traditional and within-the-box: Exchange time for money in my job, trade options.

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