new to investing where to start

New to Investing? Where to Start, Using These 7 Proven Tips

​If you’re new to investing, where to start can be a stressful process. When I first started investing in stocks, I had no clue what I was doing. I would buy a stock based on the dumbest things, like if it was mentioned in an investment magazine as one of the hottest stocks of the year. I’d also buy stock in companies that I liked, doing no formal analysis. Overall, I was largely unsuccessful in the beginning with stocks.Well there’s a better way. If you’re new to investing or just want to improve your skill in investing, you’ll find benefit … Read more

can't save money

10 Reasons You Can’t Save Money

Ever have those periods of time where you feel like your finances are getting out of control? I’m not even talking about being in loads of debt, either. I’m talking about those weeks or months where you spend way more than you intended. You whip out the credit card for every little purchase, thinking you’ll rack up points. Later you to realize you have a big ass bill at the end of the month you didn’t want.Saving money consistently can be hard. Especially if you don’t have a plan. Here are 10 reasons you can’t save money, and what to do … Read more

what causes happiness

What Causes Happiness? Here’s How to Become Truly Happy

How happy are you? Author Matthieu Ricard says that momentary happiness is something us ‘Westerners’ get used to.We think happiness comes in a single moment. Maybe it’s meeting with an old friend or a successful project getting completed at work.It’s not, though.Happiness is long-term. It’s a mind-set that we need to work hard at building. Quick Navigation Seek happiness from yourself, not othersHappiness isn’t the same as pleasureYour ego causes REAL sufferingOur thoughts and emotions can impact our happinessConclusionGet Happiness! So what causes happiness?Studies may show that happiness is partly due to our genetics, but that doesn’t mean it’s solely dependent … Read more

how to become rich

How to Become Rich: 11 Powerful Skills from Napoleon Hill

The thought of how to become rich is an interesting one. Sure, you can win the lottery or land an amazing job that pays you absurd amounts of money.Then there’s the question of what rich really means. Are you even after the right rich?In 1937, Napoleon Hill wrote a book called Think and Grow Rich, which is a self-improvement book focusing on achieving success and wealth. To date, it’s one of the best-selling books ever, selling over 70 million copies worldwide.It was on BusinessWeek’s best-seller list 70 years after it was published and is listed as one of John Maxwell’s … Read more

how to become an investment banker

How to Become an Investment Banker: Is the Money Worth It?

When I was first going for my MBA, I knew I wanted to have a career in investment banking. My undergraduate education focused on investments, so I thought it was the logical career choice.But after researching how to become an investment banker and talking with others who were doing the job, I decided it just wasn’t for me. But that’s not to say it isn’t a phenomenal, rewarding career for many people. Quick Navigation An investment banker’s roleThe top investment banks to work forBreaking into the investment banking industry1. Get a degree in finance, economics, business or accounting2. Score an … Read more

fear of spending money

Fear Of Spending Money? You Might Be An Underspender

Are you an extreme penny pincher? Does spending money make you cringe?Do you keep a strict budget? What happens when you go over-budget?If you’re an underspender, these types of situations might cause you to go running for the hills. Underspending is a disorder that causes you to have a fear of spending money. Quick Navigation What is the underspending disorder?How to stop being an underspenderFirst, be mentally strongThen, learn to spend your money the right wayHow to sustainConclusion This article will show you ways to stop being afraid to spend your money. In fact, you’ll find awesome ways to spend … Read more

cheap weekend getaways for couples

Cheap Weekend Getaways For Couples – Save Big Money!

A romantic weekend getaway, planned in advance, offers fun and excitement for couples of all ages. Filled with action, adventure, and entertainment, a short excursion is often what it takes to get someone to fully relax and leave their troubles behind.Work and family obligations as well as day-to-day stressors make it hard for people to fully relax. That’s why scheduling cheap weekend getaways for couples are essential for a relationship filled with health and happiness. Quick Navigation Ways to save money on travel1. Go during the offseason2. Think outside the box when booking accommodations3. Convene with nature4. Use coupons to score even … Read more

how to save money for a house

How to Save Money For a House

Let’s face it, saving your hard-earned money to buy a house is not sexy, or even that easy. This is especially true in this keeping up with the Wantlings culture we live in nowadays.Societal pressures tell us we need to buy the latest iPhone, 3D TV, or other technological marvel. And we need to buy it before our friends, family, and neighbors manage to get it.The topic of how to save money for a house is the last thing on many people’s minds. Particularly the younger generation. This is only partially their fault.Since the Great Recession pulled the proverbial rug out from … Read more

free coupons by mail

Free Coupons by Mail – Is It Worth It?

Any savvy shopper knows that coupons save money. With sales ads and rebates added in, products can cost pennies on the dollar (if they cost you anything at all). Yes, one of the perks of shopping with coupons is that many products end up being free. To get big savings, you’ll need to invest some time looking for the best deals at your favorite stores. You may also need to request free coupons by mail.Recently I wrote about the money saving power of coupons. But think about the amount of time you’ll need to spend searching online or clipping from … Read more

how to negotiate credit card debt

How to Negotiate Credit Card Debt

First off, I have to say that writing an article like this doesn’t exactly bring me joy. Yet I know that we’re not all in a position to be able to pay off our debt the old fashioned way. Photo by Images Money Negotiating credit card debt may be the only option for those looking to shake that debt once and for all. This article will teach you exactly how to negotiate credit card debt the right way if it’s your only option.And yes, there are some better ways, which I’ll show you. First let’s take a look at some … Read more