10 Reasons You Can’t Save Money

can't save money

Ever have those periods of time where you feel like your finances are getting out of control? I’m not even talking about being in loads of debt, either. I’m talking about those weeks or months where you spend way more than you intended. You whip out the credit card for every little purchase, thinking you’ll rack … Read More

What Causes Happiness? Here’s How to Become Truly Happy

what causes happiness

How happy are you? Author Matthieu Ricard says that momentary happiness is something us ‘Westerners’ get used to. We think happiness comes in a single moment. Maybe it’s meeting with an old friend or a successful project getting completed at work. It’s not, though. Happiness is long-term. It’s a mind-set that we need to work … Read More

Fear Of Spending Money? You Might Be An Underspender

Are you an extreme penny pincher? Does spending money make you cringe? Do you keep a strict budget? What happens when you go over-budget? If you’re an underspender, these types of situations might cause you to go running for the hills. Underspending is a disorder that causes you to have a fear of spending money. This … Read More

Cheap Weekend Getaways For Couples – Save Big Money!

cheap weekend getaways for couples

A romantic weekend getaway, planned in advance, offers fun and excitement for couples of all ages. Filled with action, adventure, and entertainment, a short excursion is often what it takes to get someone to fully relax and leave their troubles behind. Work and family obligations as well as day-to-day stressors make it hard for people … Read More

How to Save Money For a House

how to save money for a house

Let’s face it, saving your hard-earned money to buy a house is not sexy, or even that easy. This is especially true in this keeping up with the Wantlings culture we live in nowadays. Societal pressures tell us we need to buy the latest iPhone, 3D TV, or other technological marvel. And we need to buy it … Read More

Free Coupons by Mail – Is It Worth It?

Any savvy shopper knows that coupons save money. With sales ads and rebates added in, products can cost pennies on the dollar (if they cost you anything at all). Yes, one of the perks of shopping with coupons is that many products end up being free. To get big savings, you’ll need to invest some … Read More

How to Negotiate Credit Card Debt

how to negotiate credit card debt

First off, I have to say that writing an article like this doesn’t exactly bring me joy. Yet I know that we’re not all in a position to be able to pay off our debt the old fashioned way. Photo by Images Money Negotiating credit card debt may be the only option for those looking … Read More