Insanely Cheap Flights! How To Save Money On Airfare

insanely cheap flights

Chris Guillebeau, Brian Kelly, and Matt Kepnes are well-known throughout the travel community for their ability to hack travel. They’ve made names for themselves by flying cheap and teaching us how to do the same. Sometimes their advice comes free and other times it comes at a cost. After all, they make their money being travel experts. You … Read More

Living A Simple, Frugal Life – 5 Inspirational Tips

living a simple frugal life

It shouldn’t matter where you’re at in your financial journey. Maybe you’re retired. Maybe you’re retired early. Maybe you’re broke. Or maybe you’re in financial denial. The fact is, any of us can start living a simple, frugal life. This might be easy for you. If it is, I hope you share your wisdom in the … Read More

How to Sell Gift Cards for Cash

how to sell gift cards for cash

It’s just after the holidays, which means that you probably received a lot of gift cards. I’m sure some of these cards are awesome and you can’t wait to go shopping with them. But others may not be so great and you might wish you got cash instead (Jelly of the Month Club, anyone?) But … Read More

13 Easy Ways to Get Paid If You Need Money Now

i need money now

Life has a way of throwing a curve ball at you when you least expect it. You never expect your car to break down in the middle of rush hour traffic, for instance. You also don’t expect your roof to spring a leak during the heaviest downpour of the year. You do your part to … Read More

8 Ways To Cut Decision Fatigue and Boost Your Mood

decision fatigue

We make decisions all day, every day, whether we know it or not. This can have a serious effect on our financial behaviors. It can even lead to what’s called decision fatigue, which I’ve talked about before. In this post, I’ll show you 8 ways that you can start to cut decision fatigue with your finances. But … Read More

18 Essential Money Rules to Get You Through Your 30s


“When Melissa got her first post-college job, she thought she needed a nice new car and new clothes to match her career success. She was able to find the car she wanted and a monthly payment she could afford. The catch was that she had to finance the car for six years instead of five, … Read More

What is Financial Denial, Really?

financial denial

Do you ever wonder why your bank account has less money in it than you wish it had? Do you ever question why you can’t afford certain things? Do you read personal finance blogs, magazines, and books to find ways to spend less money? If so, and if you’re still broke, there’s a chance you’re in financial denial. … Read More