Should You Pay Off Debt or Save First?

Pay Off Debt or Save?

A few years ago we had credit card debt.  How did we accumulate it?  The same way any “normal” family does – home expenses or some other series of random purchases. We also worked really hard to pay it off.  When the debt was finally paid off, it was almost anti-climactic because we didn’t even realize how fast it’d happened.  We didn’t really have a plan, but we put as much as we could toward debt and it worked. I think just being aware of the debt was the first step.

This doesn’t mean we are debt-free though. We still have student loan debt and a car loan we’re working to pay off,  as well as a mortgage and home equity line.  But for some reason paying off the credit card debt felt pretty damn good.  When we were in this place, there wasn’t even a thought of stashing cash – we just wanted the debt gone. Yet, as we get older, make more money, and cut our overall debt, I’ve often considered padding my savings over paying down debt.

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