How to Negotiate Credit Card Debt

how to negotiate credit card debt

First off, I have to say that writing an article like this doesn’t exactly bring me joy. Yet I know that we’re not all in a position to be able to pay off our debt the old fashioned way. Photo by Images Money Negotiating credit card debt may be the only option for those looking … Read More

What is Financial Denial, Really?

financial denial

Do you ever wonder why your bank account has less money in it than you wish it had? Do you ever question why you can’t afford certain things? Do you read personal finance blogs, magazines, and books to find ways to spend less money? If so, and if you’re still broke, there’s a chance you’re in financial denial. … Read More

Should You Pay Off Debt or Save First?

Pay Off Debt or Save?

A few years ago we had credit card debt.  How did we accumulate it?  The same way any “normal” family does – home expenses or some other series of random purchases. We also worked really hard to pay it off.  When the debt was finally paid off, it was almost anti-climactic because we didn’t even realize how fast it’d happened.  We didn’t really have a plan, but we put as much as we could toward debt and it worked. I think just being aware of the debt was the first step.

This doesn’t mean we are debt-free though. We still have student loan debt and a car loan we’re working to pay off,  as well as a mortgage and home equity line.  But for some reason paying off the credit card debt felt pretty damn good.  When we were in this place, there wasn’t even a thought of stashing cash – we just wanted the debt gone. Yet, as we get older, make more money, and cut our overall debt, I’ve often considered padding my savings over paying down debt.

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